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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use a health questionnaire?

The health questionnaire is designed to give the practitioner basic health information about you and that information will be used to guide the treatment, information is held and treated in strictest confidence. For example if you have high blood pressure then certain oils would be avoided because of their stimulating effect. If you have had an injury or operation then the massage will be tailored so as not to impair any healing that is taking place.

I had an operation last month, can I be massaged?

This will depend on the nature of the surgery. If you have had surgery in the last 3 months we would ask you to check with your GP that s/he is happy for you to be massaged. Massage can help with water retention and swelling after surgery as it aids lymphatic drainage - but you will need your GP to advise when it is safe for you.

I am diabetic, can I be massaged?

Yes. Massage can have an effect on your blood sugar levels so we would ask that you bring your blood test kit with you. You will be asked to test your blood sugar levels before treatment, mid-treatment and again at the end of your treatment.

I have cancer, can I be massaged?

The answer to this question used to be no but medical opinion has shifted significantly over the past few years, please contact us to discuss your particular case. There may be certain areas of the body we need to avoid and if you are still having treatment we will need to time treatments carefully, we will also avoid the use of certain essential oils if you are receiving chemotherapy. If we are in any doubt having spoken to you we will ask you to check with your oncologist, 

My child has ears blocked with wax but might be nervous with a candling treatment - what can I do?

For any treatments on clients under the age of 16, a parent or guardian should be present so you will be there to reassure throughout the treatment. Your child can bring their favourite music or even a dvd to watch while the treatment takes place. It is a painless and pleasant treatment and has safely been used as an alternative to syringing for many years. 

My religion means that I should not expose my body, can I still receive a full Fusion Massage?

Yes, Fusion Massage can be given through loose clothing.

I suffer from panic attacks and am very anxious, what if that happens during a treatment?

Fusion Massage is excellent at reducing anxiety as it releases the muscular tension that contributes to anxiety and panic attacks. The therapist is experienced in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and will guide you through the treatment so that you can learn to relax and experience anxiety free time.

I have been battling addictions - could this help?

Yes. If you have been using recreational drugs, drinking or smoking heavily or become addicted to prescription medication then your mind has learnt to associate relaxation with these activities. Weaning yourself off that drug can leave your body incredibly tense and your mind anxious that you will not be able to cope without the drug. Some drug dependency, especially heroin, can leave people feeling worthless and depressed, and often now having to face the issues that led them to use in the first place. 

If you are coming off drug dependency, be that alcohol, tobacco, prescription or harder drugs, we would recommend the full body* treatment rather than the shorter treatments. This will allow you to experience being tension and anxiety free without the drug and will help release some of the tension built up in your body that has been masked by the drug over the time you have been using. You are likely to need a series of treatments and your sense of well-being and being back in charge of your body will grow with each treatment.

Do you do "special massages" or "extras"?

No - wrong kind of massage! Fusion Massage is a professional, therapeutic massage designed to find and release muscular tension. For any other tension - you need to find a different service! All of our massages exclude all private areas of the body. 

* Please note - full body massage excludes all private areas of the body.