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What is Hopi Ear Candling?

Hopi Ear Candling is an relaxing treatment which has many positive benefits and could help with a variety of conditions of the ear. It is conducted fully clothed with the client lying comfortably on the massage table.

It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during this treatment!

This therapy is useful in the treatment of:

Tinnitus, Sinusitis, Glue Ear, Hayfever and Rhinitis, Excessive ear wax, Colds, Tension headaches, Travel sickness, Meniere's disease.

Otherwise known as thermo-auricular therapy, candling was first believed to be used by the ancient Greeks while the term Hopi came from the Native American Indian tribe called the Hopis (meaning ‘peaceful people’).

This treatment can be used for adults and children over 3 years.

Hopi ear candles are a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils, which is painlessly inserted into the ear to draw out impurities, relieve pressure in the head and sinuses, and aid hearing problems.

The contents of the candle after the treatment shows how much time should be given before the next treatment.

What does a treatment involve?

You will be asked to remove your ear

jewelery before the treatment starts. Fully dressed you will be asked to lie on your side, with your head supported on a pillow. The candle is then lit and the non-burning end is placed gently into the outer ear passage and is turned lightly to seal it in place.

The candle then generates a pleasant crackling sound and a warm, comfortable feeling while it draws out the impurities from the ear. After around 10 minutes the process is repeated on the other side. You may find you drift off to sleep during the treatment.

Treatment is followed by a period of relaxation including a mini head and face massage.

We only use Biosun candles, reputedly the best and safest in the industry. They are made of honey extracts, essential oil of sage, 100% Pure Beeswax, Sage and Chamomile, Beta-carotene and a Pesticide-free woven cotton. The candles also have filter which prevents any liquid wax or excessive candle residue from entering the ear making it an extremely safe treatment.

Is Hopi Ear Candling safe for everyone?

Hopi Ear Candling is very safe but is not suitable if you suffer from any of the following conditions, if you are in doubt, please speak to your GP prior to booking the treatment:

  • Infection of the ear
  • Inflammation of the ear

  • Surgery on the ear within the last 3 months

  • Perforation of the ear drum

  • Lack of ear drum

  • Auricular cysts

  • Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes fitted

  • Known allergy to honey