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Massage and Anxiety

Anxiety can be a very real and debilitating condition. Panic attacks, dizziness, breathlessness or generally feeling that things are outside of your control can have a real impact on daily life. The good news is that you can work through and manage your anxiety using a number of techniques. Your GP can help and discuss options for treatment with you.

People suffering from anxiety can end up trapped in a cycle of tension, they feel anxious, which causes muscles to tighten which then leads to pain and dizziness. This then triggers more anxiety and a vicious cycle of muscle tension and increased anxiety. Massage has been used for many years to help treat anxiety. Fusion Massage is particularly effective as it deals with the layers of tension that build up in the muscles and starts to break that vicious cycle - you can get control of your life again. If you are beginning to feel anxious and experience anxiety please let the therapist know in advance so that calming oils and the room can be prepared in advance.

Special Anxiety Treatments

If you are suffering from anxiety and / or panic attacks you can book a specialist anxiety management treatment. The therapist will discuss with you the most effective way to use the massage to treat your anxiety and take you through deep breathing and relaxation techniques that you will be able to use between treatments at home.

The room will be prepared in advance with calming oils and music. If you wish to, you can bring someone with you to your first few 

appointments to help with your confidence or if your anxiety prevents you leaving home we can make arrangements to treat in your own home to begin with.

Over a series of treatments can expect to feel your anxiety starting to diminish and you will rediscover your ability to experience relaxation.

You will ideally need to book a 1.5 or 2 hour appointment for your first treatment and subsequent treatments will be one hour and 30 minutes. As you experience a drop in your anxiety level you should be able to reduce to one hour sessions.