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Pregnancy Massage

It is safe and relaxing to receive a Fusion Massage while pregnant and it can help relieve your aching back and legs, sore shoulders, stiff neck and help you achieve better sleep, all the normal 'side effects' of pregnancy. 

There are many benefits to massage at this time, it can help relax the muscles in the back and legs which are being used in new and extra ways, it can calm the mother-to-be and can flush out of the system the natural toxins that build in the body. You will be massaged lying on your side, supported by pillows and there will be no massage on or near the belly area.

Maureen is experienced in massaging through all stages of pregnancy from 'I think I may be' to delivery. You can also, as your due dates approach, book to visit with your partner so that he can be shown some simple and safe techniques that will assist you through your delivery - and give him something else to do in addition to passing the cooling towel!

The only essential oil that will be used in the aromatherapy treatment will be dilute chamomile oil as this is safe in pregnancy and for use on newborn babies.

The Royal College of Midwives have produced a downloadable booklet looking at the benefits of massage during pregnancy, follow this link to download a copy:

If you have any concerns or questions about this, please discuss it with the practitioner.