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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage is a method of manipulating the soft tissues of the body to have a specific effect. Its objective is the restoration of function, release of tension and the re-establishment of the contours where this is desirable. Massage therapy helps relaxation, releasing stress and tension in our bodies. Too much unresolved stress in our lives can cause constant muscular tension.

On a physical level, this tension and tightness reduces the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles and organs and also restricts nerve & lymph supply, the fascia that surrounds and entwines our entire body can become 'stuck' and restrictive. Tension creates a tendency for a build up of toxins in the body, and reduces the flow of the more subtle energy or life force (Prana or Chi). Chi is the life force in all of us, in Eastern understandings it flows through the Meridian systems of the body (accessed in acupuncture) and when Chi is blocked, the body's system cannot work as it aught to. On a physical level, tension can lead to symptomatic feelings of fatigue, heaviness, aches and pains, tightness of muscles and stiffness. Muscular stress can increase the likelihood of strains and injuries. Muscular stress also distorts the skeletal structure which further compounds existing problems and creates new ones. On a more holistic level, blockages in Chi lead to stress, anxiety, illness and disease - eliminating the problem at its source, by releasing the blocked Chi and getting rid of stagnant, excess Chi - allows the body to 

restore itself to health and wholeness. Your practitioner is there to aid this journey, you need to be an active participant in the process, learning to breathe deeply and calmly, and allowing the practitioner to work at depth to remove the problem at its source.

In treating you your practitioner will find, track and then clear the tension stored in your body. The first stage of Fusion Massage is analysis, exploring where the problems are and how deep they are, this then moves quickly into the next stage, excavation - literally digging out the tension that has built up. At your first appointment we will discuss with you how many session she feels that you will need to clear the tension and once you are at a place where you have cleared out the deep set tension, she will suggest a maintenance level for the massage (often monthly) to allow you to maintain this state. This initial assessment will allow you to work out at the start the likely cost of your treatment. Please read the 'what can I expect in a treatment' page before you book your appointment, this is not your standard Swedish style massage, it will work deeper than most sports massage but only to a level that you are comfortable with to rejuvenate and restore your wellbeing and energy.

More about Fusion Massage.

Massage techniques have been used across the world for thousands of years. Fusion Massage is a unique form of massage, developed by Maureen Abson and drawing on massage techniques from around the world.

Fusion Massage is a deep and intensive massage, being massaged in this style is an active process. You will work with the therapist in establishing the level and depth to which the massage can be taken, this intensity is likely to deepen with ongoing treatment. The results are incredible as tension is eliminated from the body and mind and body are freed from tension and re-energised. A Fusion Massage will probably be unlike previous massages you may have had, please read the "what can I expect" page for an example about how a treatment will run. 

If you are new to massage and nervous about a full body treatment*, you may want to start with an upper body massage to give you a taster of the techniques used. If you suffer from aching hands and feet you could try one of the shorter massages, see 'what to expect' and 'costs' pages and discuss the full Fusion Massage treatment with your therapist during your treatment.

Fusion Massage, Sports and Remedial Massage.

Maureen is experienced in working with sports injuries and will work with you to release tension and restore movement in the muscle. She is experienced in remedial massage and your treatment will be geared to relieving the tension around the main areas of the body in which it is held.

* Please note - full body massage excludes all private areas of the body and clients will be professionally draped throughout the entire treatment.